Kindergarten Registration

In Wethersfield, kindergarteners experience an interactive full day program that focuses on building skills and concepts in reading, writing and mathematics. Children also have opportunities to explore science and the arts as well as work cooperatively with their peers.

Any child who is five years or older by January 1 is eligible for kindergarten. While the State of Connecticut does not require five-year-olds to attend kindergarten, it is strongly recommended as a means of giving young children a strong preparation for the rigor and expectations of the elementary school program. If parents choose not to send their child to kindergarten when the child is age-eligible, they must go to the school district office (127 Hartford Avenue) and sign an option form.

The Wethersfield Kindergarten registration process begins February 1 for the following school year. Specific registration information can be found on the Wethersfield District Website: Wethersfield Public Schools: Student Registration

What school will my children go to?

Check out your school zone at:  Wethersfield Elementary School District by Street listing

Where do you go to register?

Registration for students in grades kindergarten through 12 occurs through an on-line registration process. After you complete online registration, families then need to go to their child’s school to complete the registration process. Please bring documents listed below. If you do not have access to a computer please visit the Wethersfield Public Library or contact the Curriculum Office at 860-571-8142 for assistance.

When registering for kindergarten please be sure to have:

  • Long form Birth Certificate: (Must have a certified copy with raised seal – the school will make a copy). If you lived in Wethersfield when your child was born you can contact the Wethersfield Town Clerk’s Office for a copy.
  • Proof of Residency: If leasing: A current lease agreement which must list all tenants living in the rental unit, landlord contact information, and dates of tenancy.  Homeowner: The most recent real estate tax bill, a recent mortgage statement, OR warrant deed. The name and address on the statement must match the family information on the registration form.
  • Photo ID of parent/guardian: Driver’s license, CT identification card, or passport.
  • Health Assessment Record: To be completed and signed by your health care provider within one year of your submission date. Please contact your pediatrician to obtain a current list of general immunization guidelines for public school. Kindergarten registration packets can be returned before the health form is complete, however, a student cannot start school without a current health form on file.
  • Transportation: There is no mandate by law for kindergarten students to receive transportation. However, all kindergarten students in the Wethersfield Public Schools are eligible to receive bus transportation to and from school. Please note that students who receive transportation in kindergarten and live within one mile of the school will not receive transportation in grades 1-6 to and from school.