We want Wethersfield families to have improved access to maternal and early childhood healthcare and the resources to develop healthy lifestyles. Find doctors, insurance options, and health resources below.

Prenatal Health Resources

Find a doctor, women’s health clinics, support for pregnant and new moms, and breastfeeding resources.  Learn more >

What If I’m Pregnant and Don’t Have Insurance?

Learn about no-cost or low-cost health insurance options for pregnant women in CT. Learn more >

Pediatricians and Dentists

Looking for a doctor or dentist for your child? Follow this link for a complete list of pediatricians and dentists in Wethersfield. Learn more >

Developmental Milestones

Questions about your child’s ability to see, talk, hear, move, eat or play? Get support and guidance about milestones and child development. Learn more >

Mental Health

Learn about common children’s mental health issues and find mental health care providers in or around Wethersfield. Learn more >

Central Connecticut Health District

Test your home for lead and asthma triggers, buy a low cost bike helmet, get a flu shot and more.  Learn more >