Get Out and PLAY

Here are some parks and schools that have PLAYSCAPES as well as areas to picnic, play and more:

  • Standish Park/Mikey’s Place (Hartford Avenue) – 10.6 acres containing a baseball field, a basketball court, soccer field, tennis courts and a wheelchair friendly community playground, featuring two accessible playscapes for children two to twelve.
  • Mill Woods Park (154 Prospect Street) – 122.16 acres containing Loretta’s Dream – a new picnic pavilion, walking trails, lighted little league stadium, little league fields, skate park, a lighted softball field, softball fields, a basketball court, beach and outdoor swimming pond, picnic areas, an off-leash dog park, bocce courts, a playscape, soccer fields, lighted tennis courts, and fishing pond.
  • Farms Village Park (Cedar Street) – 8.0 acres containing a basketball court, playscape and a sledding hill.
  • Col. John Chester Park (Crest Street) – .92 acre containing a basketball court and asmall playscape
  • Charles Wright School Grounds (186 Nott Street) – 7.86 acres containing a basketball court, a playscape and minor little league field.
  • Emerson Williams School Grounds (461 Wells Road) – 18.54 acres containing a basketball court, two playscapes and a T-ball field.
  • Hanmer School Grounds (50 Francis Street) – Located adjacent to Standish Park. Contains a playscape area and mini basketball court.
  • Highcrest School Grounds (95 Highcrest Road) – 24.05 acres containing a basketball court,little league fields, a playscape and soccer fields.
  • Samuel Webb School Grounds (51 Willow Street) – 14.41 acres containing a little league field, baseball field, football field and a playscape.

Other great parks with no playscape but plenty of space to get out and play, hike, sled, picnic, fish, skate and more:

  • Cove Park (Main Street) – 110.6 acres containing Wethersfield Cove, a boat launch with access to the Connecticut River, park grounds, T-Ball fields, picnic areas and a soccer field off State Street.
  • 1860 Reservoir (Thornbush Road) – 67.7 acres containing a pond used for fishing and open space.
  • Beaverbrook Linear Park (Spring Street) – 14.3 acres containing open space and Spring Street Pond which is available for ice skating. Follow posted signs regarding safety conditions of ice and skating.
  • Broad Street Green (Broad Street) – 13.4 acres containing a minor little league field.
  • Hanmer Park (Main Street) – 0.7 acre containing a mini basketball court.
  • Wintergreen Woods (Folly Brook Boulevard) – 110.0 acres containing open space and nature trails.
  • Silas Deane Middle School Grounds (551 Silas Deane Highway) – 12.51 acres containing two soccer fields.
  • Wethersfield High School Grounds (411 Wolcott Hill Road) – 34.84 acres containing a baseball field, lighted football stadium, running track, softball field, tennis courts, soccer field and indoor pool.
  • Harvey Fuller Grounds (Kimball Road) — 9.83 acres containing sport fields.
  • Heritage Way Bike Trail – A 10 mile bike path on existing streets and off-road paths connecting many parks, schools and open spaces. Beginning at the Old Resorvoir it meanders through town including Mill Woods Park, Wintergreen Woods, Cove Park and throughout Old Wethersfield. Motorized vehicles including snowmobiles are prohibited.
  • Keeney Memorial Cultural Center (200 Main Street) — 1.0 acre containing a basketball court.
  • Keeney Skateboard Facility (154 Prospect Street) — Located within Mill Woods Park the facility is open to in-line skates, skateboards and BMX Bikes (no scooters). Around 6,000 square feet it is all concrete with a bowled/banked-in street area that opens to a super-tight backyard style pool with cast in place coping.
  • Old Reservoir Road (Old Reservoir Road) — 14.0 acres containing a basketball court.
  • Ridgecrest Circle (Ridgecrest Circle) — 1.67 acres of open space.
  • Tanglewood Nature Preserve (Wells Road) — 21.78 acres of open space.