WECC: Kimberly BobinKimberly Bobin is the Family & Early Childhood Coordinator for the Town of Wethersfield and Wethersfield Public Schools. Kim joined WECC as a parent volunteer and served as a member of the Connected to Community Committee. Her professional background includes customer service, marketing and international relocation. She is a Spanish speaker, a Wethersfield resident and mother of two boys.
Jim Welch is the WECC Coordinator. Jim worked for more than 18 years at The Hartford Courant as a reporter, editor and digital content producer. He is a graduate of the Wethersfield UCONN PEP program and an Assistant Scoutmaster with Wethersfield BSA Troop 85. He lives in town with his wife and two children.
Jennifer Fell - WECCJennifer Fell works as a Family Liaison building relationships with middle and high school students and their families. Jenn is a parent of two children in Wethersfield. She is working on her Masters in Psychology and is the founder and president of Fostering The Community, a nonprofit organization working to improve the outcomes for families engaged in the CT foster care system.

Lisa Puglielli is WECC’s Accountability Coordinator. Lisa has worked professionally in public and private accounting and more recently as a tutor in elementary schools in Wethersfield and West Hartford.  Lisa serves on the board of Wethersfield Dollars for Scholars and volunteers at various organizations within the Wethersfield public schools.  She lives in Wethersfield with her husband and two children.