The Wethersfield Early Childhood Collaborative (WECC) has spent the last ten years working in partnership with the Town of Wethersfield, Board of Education and numerous community partners to improve the odds that our youngest residents are healthy, ready for school, and connected to the community.

WECC’s work is guided by “Results-Based Accountability.” This data-driven, decision-making process has allowed WECC to focus its efforts on the areas of greatest need in our community. Scorecards are used to track trends related to the health and wellbeing of young children in our community. Investigating local data has highlighted areas of need in our community and provided focus for our work.


Health Initiative: Families Have Access to Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Health Resources

Information includes community birthrate, and data on prenatal care, birth weight and BMI.

Education Initiative: Families Have Access to High Quality Early Care and Early Education Opportunities

Learn about preschool attendance in Wethersfield, Mother’s Educational Attainment, English Language fluency and more.